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Press Information

We would like to invite members of the Press to join us at the next edition of White Gallery London. Access to the show is free of charge, and press attendees will be entitled to a number of exclusive benefits including:

  • Access to the Press Office with storage facilities and refreshments
  • Exclusive content
  • Reserved seating in the Fashion Show Theatre
  • Accommodation (international visitors only, subject to availability)

Please note:

White Gallery runs a strict press list; only publications or organisations that are working in partnership with the event will be granted access. White Gallery reserves the right to refuse access to any publication or organisation that is deemed to be in competition with the event, or where there is a conflict of interest. Unfortunately we don’t allow photography of the stands unless you are working specifically for an exhibitor, in which case you will only be able to photograph their stand and products. If you are a member of the press, you will be able to photograph the ’Preview’ shows in the Fashion Show Theatre. To photograph the ‘Private’ shows, you must obtain permission directly from the designer.


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